Holbrook Landcare welcomes the Board for 2022

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Holbrook Landcare welcomes the Board for 2022

HLN’s Annual General Meeting was held on the 11th of November. Despite the board membership being expanded to 9 positions by general resolution at the previous general meeting in October, 11 nominations were received, so for the first time in a long time, the membership was asked to vote for their preferred candidates. We were very excited that members see an ongoing and vibrant role for our organisation and are willing to volunteer their time and energy to contribute to its governance. Members were invited to vote online during the week prior to the meeting and in person at the AGM. We are happy to announce the following board members for 2022 are…

Colin Geddes (Chair)
Marcus Richardson (Vice Chair)
Dougald Frederick (Company Secretary)
Angela Avery
Helen Burns
Nicola Herbert
Sandy Middleton
Lucinda Corrigan
Edwina Hayes

Further information on our new Board can be found on the ‘About HLN’ page of the HLN website. We would like to thank everybody who supported the electoral process this year and thank all those who nominated. We look forward to seeing what adventures the Board takes HLN on in 2022.

Photo: HLN welcomes three new board members for 2022  – Nicola Herbet (Top Left), Lucinda Corrigan (Top Right) and Edwina Hayes (Bottom).