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This page has some of the biodiversity information and resources for the Holbrook region, as well as information about current projects

Topics including sowing times, stubble retention, nitrogen management and changing soil organic carbon

Learn more about rotational grazing, resilient and tropical pastures, and stock containment areas

Explore revegetation planning, site preparation, landscape connectivity and managing your revegetation project

Information and case studies on management of acidic soils, soil health, arresting falling pH in fight against subsoil acidity, lime quality and soil monitoring

Other Resources
Factsheets and Case Studies

Property Mapping

There are many mapping software programs and mobile apps available out there. This document provides a background on four of the most widely used programs for property mapping, including; their pro’s and con’s, how to download them and links to tutorials on how to operate them.

Silage Wrap Recycling Project

In 2017-18, Holbrook Landcare identified from its members that there was a lack of options to disposal of on farm plastic waste, specifically silage wrap and twine. Holbrook Landcare partnered with Greater Hume Shire Council and Plastic Forests in Albury to find a solution.

Holbrook Self Drive Ecotour

The Holbrook Landcare Network Self-drive Ecotour is a showcase of the work that landholders have done to address issues such as salinity, erosion, declining water quality and loss of biodiversity in the landscape. Click the button link below to read more on our ecotour web page and download the brochure...

Embedding a culture of recycling on farm plastic waste.

Farm Business Risk Management workshop hosted by Holbrook Landcare Network. In this video, Robert Herrmann, Managing Director of Mecardo helps producers identify options to navigate through ‘risk management of commodities’.

How the silage wrap recycling process works.

Farm Business Risk Management workshop hosted by Holbrook Landcare Network. In this video, Charles Cay of Warrembool Pastoral Co. discusses practical on-ground strategies to help your farm business performance.