Our Vision

The Holbrook Landcare Network vision is to foster…

“an economically and socially resilient rural community demonstrating strong environmental stewardship.”

HLN’s Mission: We exist to support our rural community to achieve positive and enduring changes in agricultural productivity, environmental sustainability and social capacity in the region.

HLN’s Goal: to be a dynamic, member driven, nationally recognised, financially stable organisation that creates opportunities to improve natural resource and sustainable agriculture outcomes in the high rainfall mixed farming zone of southern NSW.

The Holbrook Landcare Network (HLN) Strategic Plan provides the strategic directions of HLN for 2024- 2027. It provides a framework to support the Board’s sound decision making, enable on ground action, measure performance and develop consistent budgets and workplans. It builds on previous plans and conveys HLN’s vision to 2027 as well as reflecting our group progress and evolution over time.

Colin Geddes (Chair)

Marcus Richardson (Vice Chair)

Board profiles coming soon……..

HLN's Strategic Plan for 2024-2027