You may or may not be aware, we’re currently advertising for a new staff member to manage our grazing systems/pastures portfolio. We have some really interesting projects working with farmers and running projects looking at new species, pasture combinations, nutrient application in pastures and now technology adoption in pastures. It’s a highly varied role that will get the person out travelling around, networking with the region’s best scientists and hopefully building some great skills in extension, pasture assessment, technology use, project management and more.

Because pasture management is a really specialised area and there is such a lack of people in the area, I really want to turn this into a training program for someone to become a ‘next generation’ pastures consultant. This might include putting them in the MLA Future Livestock Consultants program, weekly or fortnightly secondment to another organisation to help train and mentor them, training them in the delivery of Prograze or anything else that would help build their career or skill-set.

If you know of a someone who might like this opportunity, please ask them to get in touch. I would also really appreciate if you could pass this information through your network or to anyone who you think might be interested.