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Tune in to “Trials, Trees and Tributaries” – your source for stories of landcare innovation, projects, events, and discussions shaping the Upper Murray Region and beyond.

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Trials, Trees and Tributaries
Trials, Trees and Tributaries
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Welcome to “Trials, Trees and Tributaries”, the podcast brought to you by the Holbrook Landcare Network. We’re delving into the world of Landcare, conservation and sustainable agriculture in the Upper Murray Region of New South Wales. Join us as we interview farmers, scientists, community leaders and Landcare champions, exploring the challenges and innovations shaping our landscapes. Get the inside scoop on cutting-edge projects, learn practical tips to improve your land, discover exciting community events, and engage in the crucial conversations around the future of our environment. Whether you’re from the Upper Murray or across eastern Australia, “Trials, Trees & Tributaries” offers a space to connect, learn and grow alongside a passionate community dedicated to the health of our land.

Meet the Hosts

Peter Rowland

Peter Rowland brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for the environment to “Trials, Trees, & Tributaries.” His experience in wildlife research, conservation, and agriculture informs his insightful conversations. An award-winning author of 15 wildlife books, Peter is also a seasoned podcast host, having helmed “A Different Track” and “Cultivating Passions.”


Jess Armstrong (Community Engagement Officer and Knowledge Broker) standing out the front of the Holbrook Landcare Network Office

Jess Armstrong

Jess Armstrong brings a deep understanding of rural life and a passion for sustainable agriculture to “Trials, Trees, & Tributaries.” Growing up on a sheep and cattle station, she’s experienced the challenges and rewards of land management firsthand. Jess champions youth involvement in agriculture and works tirelessly to improve natural resource management across rural communities.

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Trials, Trees and Tributaries

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