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  • Holbrook Landcare makes Landline!! | 01/07/2019
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  • CSU is offering 8 drench resistance tests | 26/06/2019 Read more >>
  • Products for sale made from local silage wrap and twine | 09/05/2019 Read more >>
  • Managing Established Pest Animals | 09/05/2019
  • Holbrook Landcare successful funding bid to continue recycling on farm plastics | 24/09/2018 Read more >>
  • Holbrook Landcare’s Official Opening & Celebration Dinner | 11/07/2018 Read more >>
  • Key messages from the sub clover health check in the Murray Region | 08/03/2018 Read more >>
  • HLN’s Soil Testing Program set to continue in 2018 | 22/02/2018 Read more >>

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Holbrook Landcare Network
Holbrook Landcare Network

Interested in pasture growth predictions for spring? Come along to...

Holbrook Landcare Network
Holbrook Landcare Network shared a post.

🐂🐑There's still time to register for the Graham Centre Livestock...

Holbrook Landcare Network
Holbrook Landcare Network shared a post.

Over half way through with nearly 10,000 in the ground!

Holbrook Landcare Network
NSW Roads
🐦 Native birds will soon be singing in Holbrook 🎶 Our project partner Holbrook Landcare has engaged Albury and District Local Aboriginal Land Council in a major 🌱 revegetation project 🌱 and they’re busy planting 18,000 trees and shrubs to improve woodland bird habitat in the area.
Holbrook Landcare Network
Holbrook Landcare Network

How fabulous will this be....Wed 14th August at the Shire...

Holbrook Landcare Network
Pygmy Perch 360 Tour | HOLBROOK
Pygmy Perch 360 is an immersive, 5-minute, short film experience, developed to highlight the plight of the threatened local Pygmy Perch. Screened entirely in...

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