Soil Testing Program

Holbrook Landcare Network have been offering soil testing services in the area since 2011. This program allows landholders in the South West Slopes & Upper Murray regions of NSW access subsidised or discounted soil tests, and has assisted landholders to become more efficient in managing soil fertility.

Why soil test?

Soil testing is an important tool in helping farmers make informed decisions to improve soil fertility in both grazing and cropping enterprises. The Soil Testing Program can assist you in better understanding your soil fertility; how to measure it, why it is important, interpreting the results and developing strategies for managing or improving it. It is important for landholders to remember that peak pasture production is not the goal, it is more about matching inputs with desired productions. 

Benefits of the program:

Benefits of participating in the program include:

  • A better understanding of your soil’s capabilities
  • Identifying which soil fertility requirement is most liming for production
  • Making informed decisions about target levels for soil pH and major nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and sulphur
  • Learning how to measure and match your inputs
  • Set soil fertility targets appropriate for production and environmental stewardship
  • Analyse results using CSBP DecipherAg App

Who is eligible?

All landholders are eligible to be involved in the program. Current Holbrook Landcare members will be eligible for a discounted price for their soil tests. Interested in becoming a member? Find out more


Soil tests can be taken in 5cm or 10cm increments and landholders have the option of lending equipment and collecting their own soil samples, or utilising Holbrook Landcare’s services and assistance to do so. 

Holbrook Landcare will coordinate all testing and results. The below price list includes access to soil corers and sample bags, processing of soil samples, postage and soil test results emailed or posted (with previous years tests also available on request). 

Soil Analysis Options and Pricing: 

Standard soil tests (recommended every 3-5 years):

Option 1: Phosphorus & Potassium (Colwell), Sulphur (KCI 40), Organic Carbon (Walkley-Black), pH (water), pH (CaCl2), Electrical Conductivity, Exchangeable Cations without prewash (Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Aluminium, including ECEC, ESP, EMP, %Al & Ca:Mg calculations), Phosphorus Buffering Index, Texture. 

Members: $62/test (ex GST). Non-members: $72/test (ex GST)

Option 2: Phosphorus & Potassium (Colwell), pH (water), pH (CaCl2), Electrical Conductivity, Exchangeable Cations without prewash (Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Aluminium, including ECEC, ESP, EMP, %Al & Ca:Mg calculations). 

Members: $42/test (ex GST). Non-members: $52/test (ex GST)

Basic soil tests (recommended every 1-2 years):

Note: CEC/ECEC (included in Standard soil test options) is required to calculate lime rates

Option 1: Phosphorus & Potassium (Colwell), pH (water), pH (CaCl2), and Electrical Conductivity. 

Members: $31/test (ex GST). Non-members: $41/test (ex GST)

How to register:

To participate in the program or to discuss customised soil analysis options, contact the HLN Office.

More information:

Registration form

Soil Sampling Guidelines factsheet