Mountain Landcare

Mountain Landcare formalised its affiliation with Holbrook Landcare to ensure the group could continue to deliver services to the Tumbarumba area after disbanding as a section 355 Committee of Snowy Valleys Council. Whilst still very much its own organisation, Holbrook Landcare now supports Mountain Landcare through the provision of a Local Landcare Coordinator and applying for and delivering project grants to stimulate both NRM and farm-based activities in the region.

The group holds quarterly meetings to discuss significant happenings, issues and items of interest to farmers, landholders and naturalists alike. Working towards the common goal of taking care of our landscape as a whole, the group advocates for funding and identifies needs and opportunities for landholders in the Upper Murray catchment region.


By becoming an active member of Mountain Landcare (under the auspices of Holbrook Landcare Network); you will receive fortnightly newsletters, access to programs/webinars/workshops; loan equipment etc. and kept informed of trends and opportunities available within the organisation.

Mountain Landcare Activities

Rehabilitation on the Police Paddock – a long term project to restore and revegetate the former Police Paddock, now a recreation area in the Tumbarumba township.

Arden school has a special relationship with Tumbarumba and students come every year and contribute to revegetation on the Police Paddock

Tumbarumba Seed Collection – locals seed collecting  native vegetation for local propagation  to be then for replanting in areas of need – both community and private.

Bushfire Recovery and the Paddys River Restoration Project

Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail: Provision of Signage & Revegetation along the trail.

Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail: Provision of Signage & Revegetation along the trail.
Mountain Landcare stall run by Rachael Daniel and Jo Scobie

Trail Cameras: available for loan – What wildlife or pests are getting around your place at night?

Cameras are available for loan – contact Jo on 0458482232

Current Grants – Bushfire Recovery Grants

Holbrook Landcare has received grants from the Australian Government’s Bushfire Recovery for Wildlife and Habitat Community Grants, Murray Local Land Services and the Landcare Led Bushfire recovery program and the NSW Government’s Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund. Across these funding sources, Mountain Landcare /Holbrook Landcare have been able to appoint a part-time bushfire recovery officer to support locals in their environmental bushfire recovery, boost the capacity of the Riverina Highlands Landcare Nursery and facilitate restoration activities across the region.
We have engaged with 44 landholders, undertaking 25 one-on-one site visits and plans underway for many fencing and reveg projects including approx. 2500 trees and 500 cattle proof tree guards .


Project Officer Jo Scobie

mob: 0458482323

email: [email protected]