🌱Tropical Pastures Update🌱
11th October 2023
Come hear about recent project results from a gibberellic acid and urea strip trial on sub-tropical pasture. A chance to hear producer experiences growing sub-tropicals and other pasture mixes in Southern NSW. Come along with any trial ideas for the upcoming sub-tropical growing season.
πŸ‘β˜˜οΈπŸ‚Mixed Species Annual Fodder Crops to Increase Grazing Animal ProductionπŸ‚πŸŒ±πŸ‘
Hear from Dr Mark Norton (NSW DPI Pasture and Crop Physiologist/Agronomist) & Hannah Fahey (Development Officer) on project results to date of mixed species and single species fodder crops, offering flexibility to grazing systems by filling the autumn/winter feed gap. Hear about the livestock production considerations and benefits of mixed species fodder crops in the mixed farming region.
☘️Producer Pasture Experience & Field Walk☘️
Hear from Steven Scott (owner) and Neale Terlich (manager) of Scotts Angus about recently established pastures including:
  • Digit grass & sub clover
  • Lucerne/ryegrass/oats mix
  • Multi-species fodder crops
  • 2023 sown Phalaris/sub clover
Join us for a field walk of these paddocks