Weather Stations

All of Australia’s 3G networks will shutdown by 30 June 2024, which means we need to upgrade our stations over the coming months if we want to keep them going. This will come at a significant cost, and we are currently exploring ways to pay for this. If you use our weather stations (and/or soil moisture probes), we’d appreciate if you can spare us 2 minutes to answer 5 simple questions about how you use them and how much you value them.

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Holbrook Landcare has 3 weather stations in the area with the purpose of providing land managers with accurate, easily accessible, local data to enable more strategic management decisions on their farms. These weather stations now provide users with more accurate information on local soil water content and atmospheric conditions to assist with decisions regarding pasture management and fertilizer applications, therefore improving productivity, profitability and environmental outcomes.

Previously, weather data for the Holbrook region was gauged from information out of Albury. Now landholders have access to accurate and constant data recording, enabling current, weekly and monthly weather reports to be generated. The weather stations upload information to the HLN website every 10 minutes via a Next G modem. From a touch of a button, users can easily access information in the field or at the office.

Holbrook Landcare Networks three weather stations are located at:

  • Little Billabong – Four Mile Lane
  • Holbrook Airport
  • Bowna – Wymah Rd

Check out our Robust Weather Stations Project

We are investigating how an integrated network of 80 on-farm weather stations across Central and Southern NSW, and Northern Victoria can better support the community, emergency services and members of the farming community in bushfire and flood management.

To view weather data at these locations head to the website or download the Goanna Telemetry App from one of the App stores.

Login using the following:

Username: holbrookweb

Password: Holl#454op!

Download the app via the links below or watch the introductory video from Goanna Ag