Burrumbuttock Lime Trial Site

The replicated farm-scale trial site was established to monitor the medium to long term benefit of early intervention acid soil management on a moderately acidic soil that is traditionally a low priority for liming. The trial consists of 7 treatments investigating 4 different liming rates of 0.5 t/ha, 1 t/ha, 2.5 t/ha and the ‘one-in-a-generation’ 6 t/ha, as well as the effect of lime incorporation compared to surface applied. A total of 28 plots (7 treatments replicated 4 times), 70 m × 9 m in size, were marked out in early 2020 and NSW DPI used their direct drop spreader to apply the lime on the plots.

Current funding:

Funding Body: Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) (2023-2024)

Project Name: Action learning on crop response to acid subsoil stratification and amelioration benefits (UCS2204-001RTX)  


Previous funding:

Funding Body: Australian Government’s National Landcare Program (2020-2023)

Project Name: Future proofing the soils of southern & central NSW from acidification & soil organic carbon decline “FutureSOILS” (Activity ID 4-D4VTQGS)


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