Soil Acidity and Salinity Workshop – Burrumbuttock

Holbrook Landcare Network and West Hume Landcare are holding a ‘Soil Acidity and Salinity Workshop’ this Thursday at the Wirraminna Environmental Educational Centre at Burrumbuttock. This breakfast event will provide an update of the local acid soil lime trial site where we have witnessed ground-breaking results in the high lime rate plots and the dramatic […]

Field Day – Managing Soil Acidity in Permanent Pastures

Holbrook Landcare Network is hosting a field day as part of the ‘Managing Soil Acidity in Permanent Pastures’ Producer Demonstration Site (PDS). The day will allow producers and advisors to discuss effective top-dressed liming strategies in permanent pastures in the southern slopes of NSW. Topics to be covered on the day include: Background and update […]