Managing Soil Acidity in Permanent Pastures: Producer Demonstration site – Field Day

Holbrook Landcare Network is hosting a field day as part of the ‘Managing Soil Acidity in Permanent Pastures’ Producer Demonstration Site (PDS). The day will allow producers and advisors to discuss effective top-dressed liming strategies in permanent pastures in the southern slopes of NSW. MLA’s PDS program supports producers to adapt, validate and demonstrate the […]

Twilight Site Walk: Mangoplah Acid Soil Pasture Variety Site Visit

Come along for an evening walk of local NSW DPI Mangoplah trial site. A chance to see the newly established site assessing numerous pasture species under various liming applications. Hear from NSW DPI Senior Researcher Dr Richard Hayes and Dr Alison Southwell about other pasture sites of the region. Informal, social evening organised due to […]