BioBlitz Carp Competition

Holbrook Landcare Network and Refreshing Rivers are participating in the Great Southern BioBlitz 2023 (24-27 November), with a focus on our creeks and waterways – Love Your Creek! As part of this year’s activities we are offering a prize for the biggest and the most Carp! Fish have to be caught in the Upper Billabong […]

Great southern BioBlitz 2023 – Love Your Creek!

Love Your Creek! What’s a BioBlitz? This year we are teaming with Refreshing Rivers to participate in the Great Southern BioBlitz 2023 [#GSB2023], with a focus on our creeks and waterways. What is a BioBlitz? – Great question! Well, you can read all about the origins of the BioBlitz initiative, and how the Covid Pandemic gave rise to […]