Holbrook Landcare Network - Memorial Mural

Tony Nott was a long-standing, pioneer member of our Landcare community who passed away from Cancer in 2022.

In addition to his strong connection to Landcare, Tony was an avid photographer, a lover of art, and passionate about his vintage car – a Peugeot 203 station wagon.

Artist, Tracie McVean, was given the task of trying to create the unique ‘Holbrook Landcare-themed’ mural in such a way as to encapsulate “Landcare in a farming landscape”. We are sure you will agree that she most certainly did a great job of doing just, in a way that has added such beauty to the main street of Holbrook and will provide so many people such joy when they pass through town.

More importantly though, the mural is a very special and fitting way to honour the support and dedication of Tony, and celebrate his commitment to Landcare in the Holbrook region. 

Tony’s partner, Annie, was delighted to support this project.

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