HLN's Revegetatation and Restoration Resources

Factsheets and Case Studies

Planning your Revegetation

There is a tendency to plan according to what funding is available. This is set up for failure if your own objectives do not align with the funders. Be honest about what you want...

Management of your Revegetation

HLN's factsheet covering revegetation management activities, including: Philaris, poor and good grazing practices, stock tracking, short-lived wattles, fire, weeds and pests.

Landscape Connectivity

Landscape Connectivity is making sure our animals and plants are able to move around in the landscape—animals can physically move as long as they have the infrastructure...

Site Preparation for Tubestock

A seasonal, step-by-step factsheet for preparing your site for planting tubestock as part of your revegetation project. With advice on ripping, spraying, tree guards & watering.

Maintaining or Improving Habitat

Sometimes leaving sites alone to let nature take its own course is the best way to maintain or improve habitat value! But provision of artificial hollows can be crucial for many fauna species.

Fox Facts

A great factsheet on why you should control foxes! Covers impacts of foxes on stock and wildlife, debunks some common myths, and discuss fox behaviour and control options.

Content coming…check back soon

Content coming…check back soon

Sustainable Ag Forum (2014)

Holbrook Landcare Network facilitates a ‘Needs Analysis Day’ every year. At this meeting a panel of members and industry experts gather to identify and tease out the issues facing the farming community.

Rebirding Full Report (2000)

A revegetation strategy for the Upper Billabong Catchment [Report compiled by Stuart Collard]

Frog Project Report (2012/13)

A report for Holbrook Landcare Network regarding the results of amphibian surveys undertaken in 2012 and 2013. [Alexandra Knight, School of Environmental Sciences, Charles Sturt University, Albury]

Holbrook Self-Drive Ecotour

The Holbrook Landcare Network Self-drive Ecotour is a showcase of the work that landholders have done to address issues such as salinity, erosion, declining water quality and loss of biodiversity.