The Upper Billabong takes in waterways including Sawyers Creek, Back Creek, Little Billabong Creek, Four Mile Creek, Ten Mile Creek, Yarra Yarra Creek, Woomargama and Mountain Creeks, and the Billabong Creek upstream of Morven. We are undertaking a Refresh f the Upper Billabong plan from 2001 and we have a community survey to identify what the values and issues are in regard to waterways in our catchment.

There is a series of values and issues to rank, opportunity to put in anything we have missed and some questions. The values and issues so far have come from the old Plan (see here) and input from staff and Board.

The survey is available at this link
and there is also a link to an online interactive map where you can add problem areas, or really good area that you want us to know about (

It is also available in hard copy or to be emailed to you – get in contact via the office number or you can ring Kylie on 0418 198 522. Happy to yarn about it rather than fill out forms!! The survey is open initially until 20th June.

Refreshing the Upper Billabong is part of the Refreshing Rivers program, a collaboration between government, industry, research, and community organisations, led by Murray Local Land Services. This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.