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Future Drought Fund - Resilient Pastures - Second Demonstration Site

Alternative Phosphorous Fertiliser Strip Trial

On Monday 7th August we spread our second Future Drought Fund Resilient Pastures demonstration site. This site will assess the efficacy of three fertilisers to build soil phosphorus.

Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) ‘Five Easy Steps’ Program has determined fertiliser rates to build soil P levels to near optimum over five years, however this site will also address the P:S ratio that must be applied to increase soil P and S concurrently, so the constraints they impose on pasture production are approximately balanced.

Stay tuned for the results!🌱☘️

This site will examine how the ‘5 Easy Steps’ Program can be used to address low soil phosphorus levels in native perennial pastures. The treatments will demonstrate how a range of alternative Phosphorus fertilisers can achieve optimal soil P levels and therefore which fertilisers are the most cost effective in building soil phosphorus for graziers. Fertilisers to be examined include:

  • Single superphosphate
  • Agri-Ash
  • Triple Plus

Plot Size: 5 m x 2 m

Replicates: 3


Treatment 1


Nil Fertiliser

Treatment 2

4 t/ha Lime

Targeting a pH of 5.5 in 0-10cm

Treatment 3

Single Super

5 Easy Steps rate + 4 t/ha Lime

Treatment 4

Single Super

5 Easy Steps rate

Treatment 5

Triple Plus

Rate = P delivered in Single super

Treatment 6

Triple Plus + Gypsum

Rate = P delivered in Single super treatment

Treatment 7


Rate =P delivered in Single Super treatment

Treatment 8

Agri-ash + Gypsum

Rate =P delivered in Single Super treatment + 200kg Gypsum

Treatment 9


Commercial rate

Treatment 10

Agriash & Gypsum

(commercial rates

Trial Layout

This project received funding from the Australian Govenment’s Future Drought Fund, and is being undertaken in association with a range of partner organisations, with Holbrook Landcare Network as the project lead.