Great Southern BioBlitz 2023 (#GSB23) Love Your Creek! This year we are teaming with Refreshing Rivers to participate in the Great Southern BioBlitz 2023 [#GSB2023], with a focus on our creeks and waterways. What’s a BioBlitz? Great question! Well, you can read all about the origins of the BioBlitz initiative, and how the Covid Pandemic […]

Resilient Pastures – Second Demonstration Site

Pasture Practice Demonstration Site – Bookham Future Drought Fund – Resilient Pastures – Second Demonstration Site Alternative Phosphorous Fertiliser Strip Trial On Monday 7th August we spread our second Future Drought Fund Resilient Pastures demonstration site. This site will assess the efficacy of three fertilisers to build soil phosphorus. Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) ‘Five […]

FRRR Community Impact Program

FRRR Community Impact Program The Community Impacts Grant is designed to support community members and not-for-profit organisations in remote, rural and regional Australia to drive local action that helps prepare for drought.  It is part of the Australian Government’s commitment through the Future Drought Fund to support Australian agricultural communities to build drought resilience Holbrook […]

Holbrook Sustainability Benchmarking Project

Holbrook Sustainability Benchmarking Pilot Background Back in 2020, Holbrook Landcare Network recognized that the model that has traditionally underpinned Landcare and environmental work on farm was changing – shifting from a funded grants and programs approach to a range of market-based approaches mostly based on carbon markets. We are now beginning to see the agricultural […]

Resilient Pastures

Pasture Species Demonstration Site – Mangoplah Future Drought Fund – Resilient Pastures – First Demonstration Site We are working with 5 Farming systems groups, which are in the process of establishing 10 pasture demonstration sites. These sites will showcase modern pasture species combinations and management practices known to build greater resilience into their landscapes. Demonstration […]

Saving Our Soils – Stock Management Areas

Saving Our Soils – Stock Management Areas As producers we balance livestock production, business growth and stability, with landscape resilience and sustainability on a daily basis. Traditionally, production stressors such as drought, fire and flood often have us considering selling or agisting livestock as a way of reducing grazing pressure from vulnerable landscapes. These decisions […]

New Approaches to Tackling Soil Acidity in Perennial Pasture Systems Project: 2020-21

Morven Lime Trial Site The ‘Tackling Soil Acidity’ project, is a 2-year project funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, with contributions from HLN, NSW DPI and the Grasslands Society of NSW Inc. The main components of this project will: Introduce new soil sampling practices to detect and monitor subsurface acidity. Use large-scale acid […]

Refreshing the Upper Billabong 2022

Previous Upper Billabong Land & Water Management Plan View the Original Upper Billabong Land and Water Management Plan here and the supporting documents here. Community Survey 2022 The community Survey results are in. Do these resonate with you? We met with the Upper Billabong Local Advisory group (5 landholders in the catchment and Greater Hume […]

FutureSOILS Project: 2020-23

Burrumbuttock Lime Trial Site The replicated farm-scale trial site was established to monitor the medium to long term benefit of early intervention acid soil management on a moderately acidic soil that is traditionally a low priority for liming. The trial consists of 7 treatments investigating 4 different liming rates of 0.5 t/ha, 1 t/ha, 2.5 t/ha and […]

Managing Soil Acidity in Permanent Pastures Project: 2021 – 2028

Topdressed Lime Demonstration Sites The Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) funded Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) project – ‘Managing soil acidity in permanent pastures’ is investigating top-dressed liming strategies in non-arable pasture systems where lime incorporation is not possible or preferred.  The project involves three lime demonstration sites. One site at Mannus and another site at […]