An enthusiastic group of BirdLife Australia ‘s Southern NSW Birds on Farms project participants and Holbrook Landcare Network members had a great time at the native plant giveaway and bird walk on Sunday morning.
The morning was a little chilly, but the sun was shining and the bird walk quickly warmed everyone up. Some 27 bird species were recorded on the main walk, including White-naped Honeyeaters, Striated Pardalote, Olive-backed Oriole, Crimson Rosellas, Eastern Rosellas and White-browed Babblers. After the main event, property owners Doug and Jen Kemp kindly showed Kylie Durant & Peter Rowland (Holbrook Landcare Network), and Ben Humphries & Darcy Creece (BirdLife Australia) around an section of the property that had undergone revegetation and fencing works as part of the Slopes2Summit Birds on Farms Project. During this short tour a further five bird species were recorded, including Flame Robin, Brown Treecreeper and Golden Whistler.
Of the 32 bird species recorded in total on the day, the Blue-faced Honeyeater, Brown Treecreeper, Flame Robin and White-browed Babbler are identified as threatened or declining by BirdLife Australia.
Most importantly though, the 30+ participants took home around 1,200 native plants, which they will plant around their own properties to create future habitat for our regional bird species and help with their future conservation.