Regional Landcare Facilitator

The focus of The Murray Regional Landcare Facilitator Project is to engage Landcare and Producer Groups, support new groups and build capacity within existing groups that support sustainable farming and better environmental outcomes. There is a wonderful team of active volunteer and paid Landcare champions who all work together to promote and improve connectivity between people, farming and nature.

Edwina Hayes is the Murray Regional Landcare Facilitator, and works from the Holbrook Landcare Network Office. Edwina meets with Landcare, Producers, Industry and Community Groups to assist and engage them in running projects that deliver research and information on sustainable agriculture and improve environmental outcomes. Edwina also meets with Community Leaders, bringing like-minded people together to facilitate organisation and action.

As Regional Landcare Facilitator, Edwina’s priorities include:

  • Ongoing support of Landcare and Producer Groups, existing activities, projects and responsive organisations,
  • deliver training and development opportunities for volunteers and support employees,
  • workplace Health and Safety legislation to be reviewed and implemented in all organisations,
  • ensure that informal and formal discussion groups that are forming to fill service gaps, but do not have external support, are aware of the project and given support as required,
  • link in with existing discussion groups, eg DPI and private consultants, as opportunities to develop further projects and activities and perhaps more formal groups; offer support if required,
  • develop links and be active in facilitating coordination of events and activities for different agencies,
  • focus on trying to source funding for groups to develop self-sufficiency, build on Murray Local Land Services investment and reduce dependency on single funding sources,
  • after appropriate needs assessment, conduct activities in areas not supported by groups to start a process of landowner engagement and interest,
  • engage steering committees to more actively work with groups at, and in between meetings, in terms of opportunities, events, ideas, and speakers,
  • provide RLF updates in media and online social media.
Edwina Hayes - Director of the Holbrook Landcare Network Board
Edwina Hayes, of Holbrook Landcare

This project is delivered by Holbrook Landcare Network, with support from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country and the Murray Local Land Services.