HLN’s Adaptive Farming Systems Forum – 9am-1.30pm Thursday 27 February

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HLN’s Adaptive Farming Systems Forum – 9am-1.30pm Thursday 27 February

Holbrook Landcare’s Adaptive Farming Systems Forum provides a great opportunity for farmers to reflect on their management strategies for their production system, including meeting production goals, adapting to changing climate, dealing with severe weather events and maintaining the health of their soils and natural assets.
Guest speakers:
Dale Stringer, Murray Local Land Services – does it matter what management system we use if the outcome is improved sustainability for soils, plants, animals & farmers?
Dr Susan Orgill, NSW Department of Primary Industries – improving organic carbon accumulation and storage, nutrient cycling in the soil, management practices that contribute to increased economic & environmental outcomes for producers.
Brian Cumming – how to introduce flexibility into your livestock system management plan, matching livestock outcomes that balance with your available resources.
Grant Sims – one farmer’s experience of setting up their business. Multi-species plantings, moisture conservation and challenging the status quo on production outcomes in a variable climate.
Fiona Conroy – understanding the environmental and business goals of your farm and managing your production system and farm environment to meet those goals.


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