Acid Soils – A New Look!


Acid Soils – A New Look!

More than 30 people attended HLN’s Acid Soils workshop on Tuesday morning. Helen Burns and Jason Condon from NSW DPI presented the latest research on acid soils, and how producers can best address pH constraints. The benchmark for pH is 5.5 if we want to address acid soil at depth. Some take home messages were to soil test for pH, aluminium and organic carbon – each of these are controllable by management; increasing organic matter in your soil will help bind aluminium, understand the cost of production gain by using lime, v’s not using lime and trying to address plant/soil issues with other applications. HLN has a digstick that is available for hire to its members, a great way to see whats happening at depth in your soil.

Thanks to our funding partners MLA and the National Landcare Program for supporting this research.

Link to Jason Condon’s presentation: ACID SOIL – closer lookJC_25.06.2019

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