Managing Established Pest Animals


Managing Established Pest Animals

You are invited to our upcoming workshop which will look at the deer project underway north of Holbrook, and Kirk Stone will discuss how thermal technology equipment can be used to effectively manage established pest animals.

This workshop will be held at the Holbrook RS Club from 6.30pm on Friday 17 May 2019. Please RSVP to the HLN office if you plan to attend – thanks.

An area north of Holbrook is the first pest animal monitoring project to take place under the new Murray Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan. The project has used strategically placed fixed cameras to capture data on pest animals in the area, with a particular focus on wild deer. The information will then be used to determine population densities and guide requirements for follow-up control options.
Kirk Stone, Strathbogie Wildlife, will be presenting his specialist night vision and thermal technology equipment and discuss how its being used to control over abundant species on public and private land.
Holbrook Landcare will also be on hand to provide an update of the deer monitoring project.

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