Weather Stations are LIVE!!


Weather Stations are LIVE!!

Holbrook Landcare Network have installed three weather stations, located at the Holbrook, Little Billabong and Bowna. Weather data for the Holbrook region is currently representative of Albury’s weather data, but now we will have access to real-time accurate data for our area. Data to be collected includes temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and precipitation as well as soil moisture and temperature in the future.

It is envisaged this data will assist land managers with setting grazing rotations, allocating home grown feed and supplements and could also be used as a tool to make decision on the timing of N fertiliser application and pasture renovation.

The weather stations were installed in April, and currently they are providing the current weather data which can be viewed at Current weather is provided in real-time from the weather stations, with the predicted weather provided by Willy Weather via the Bureau of Meteorology.

Full capabilities of the weather stations, including access to past records will be available on our website soon.

Little Billabong Weather Station Installed


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