Pollinators in Holbrook

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Pollinators in Holbrook

We had a great day on Tuesday with kids from St Pats school, the Holbrook Skillset Green Army Team and the Holbrook Community Gardens learning about the role of pollinators in our landscapes – both in gardens and in the farming landscape.



Karen Retra (karenretra.com) is a bit of a legend around Albury as she stalks native bees and other pollinators gathering iformation about which ones we have here and their fascinating habits. You haven’t lived until you have seen the film of the Resin Bees emerging from her bee hotel or the leaf-cutter bees making their nest in a hole in her wall! Honey bees are the ones we often focus on, but there are huge numbers of native bees, flies, wasps, butterflies, moths and beetles that also do the job out there, often filling times and temperature ranges when honeybees are not active.


The message was clear – we rely on pollinators for our crops and to keep the bush healthy so we should do what we can to look after them. Creating bee-friendly landscapes with nectar and pollen producing plants, minimise chemical use, create “messy” parts of the landscapes with nest sites for pollinators and protect nest site from cultivation and disturbance.


Next week is the Wild Pollinator Count – a citizen science project where you can help out collecting data about pollinators visiting resources near you – just 10 minutes and you only need to tell the difference between a bee, fly, wasp and beetle! There are heaps of resources to help – head to www. wildpollinatorcount.com and check it out and submit some results from your garden!

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