Hay and Silage Wrap Recycling Program


Hay and Silage Wrap Recycling Program

The Holbrook Landcare Network are providing landholders with an opportunity to participate in the ‘Hay and Silage Wrap Recycling’ program.


The program aims to provide a sustainable and convenient solution to dispose of agricultural plastics such as silage wrap, bailing twine, seed bags and bunker covers.

Most agricultural plastics are disposed either through burning, burying or storing on farm. Disposing of plastics in this way has environmental consequences. Burning releases toxic and harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, whilst burying plastics can contaminate water supplies and on farm storage creates a significant choking hazard to wildlife and stock.

Participants who register for the program will be able to collect waste plastic bins from the HLN office, at no cost. Collected plastics can then be disposed of at the designated drop-off, located at the Holbrook Landfill Centre. The project will decrease the amounts of agricultural plastics across our landscape and in our waterways. It will also eliminate the need for plastics to be disposed of through burying or burning.

This project is supported by Murray Local Land Services through the Australian Governments National Landcare Programme.


If you are interested in participating in the Hay and Silage Wrap Recycling program or would like some more information, please contact the HLN office on (02) 6036 3181 or email [email protected]

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