New Native Vegetation Legislation is passed


New Native Vegetation Legislation is passed

The Biodiversity Conservation Bill and the Local Land Services Amendment Bill passed parliament on the 17 November heralding changes to the native vegetation management rules, among other things.

Clearing of native vegetation will now be governed under a series of Self assessing Codes with the option for farmers to also undertake a development application process for clearing outside of those codes. The legislation is in place now, but many of the details and Codes are yet to be drafted, so old or transitional rules may still apply.

Most significantly for us, there is an initial $240 million program of funding that will be made available to support the reforms and for investment on farms for biodiversity, and then $70 million per year after that. They are currently drafting the Investment strategy and we are watching with interest to see how it is to be rolled out.

The “Biodiversity Conservation Trust” will be created to deliver the funding and conservation agreements both voluntary and associated with biodiversity offsets that may be required. This BCT will evolve out of, and replace, the Nature Conservation Trust which is a significant partner of Holbrook Landcare. We hope our relationship will develop further!!!

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