Red Legged Earth Mites – Spring 2016


Red Legged Earth Mites – Spring 2016

Getting your TIMERITE ® with Red Legged Earth Mite (RLEM)

According to Timerite® the window for controlling over summering of RLEM in our region will be during October. Specifically, 9th Oct for Walla and 15th Oct for Holbrook.

RLEM has been a major pest this year to cropping and pasture systems within Southern Australia. Managing RLEM can be tricky with an incubation period of 8-10 days in winter, getting your timing right is everything to successfully controlling them.

Timerite® is an online tool developed by CSIRO and AWI to help landholders predict the optimum date for minimising over summering of RLEM eggs. Spraying on the Timerite® date is the most effective way to minimise damage to pastures next autumn. In mid to late spring the RLEM will produce eggs that can withstand hot and dry conditions of summer and hatch out again next autumn. By minimising the amount of eggs produced now we can have a significant impact on next year’s population.

The tool uses your specific longitude and latitude to estimate the optimal time for control. The over summering process is induced by physiological changes in the plants, hot dry weather and changes in daylight.

Due to the current rain and lack of heat the summer eggs may be delayed. Check out the Timerite® website and if you can get on to paddocks monitor populations around this date, also speak to your agronomist for recommended products and rates.

To access the tool or for more information go to the Australian Wool Industry Website

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