“Bats on the Billabong”


“Bats on the Billabong”

So what about Bats??


Did you know that bats play a vital role in the health of ecosystems, and our agricultural systems?  Microbats – those tiny night flyers we see zipping past –  eat a wide range of insects, including mosquitoes, moths, beetles and bugs, helping to keep their numbers in check. This includes a range of species that are bad agricultural pests.


Microbats eat a LOT! Flying takes considerable energy, and to keep up their energy they up to three-quarters of their own body weight in insects every night!


In the Heartlands Billabong Catchment Wildlife survey in 2003, 13 species of bat were found in this area.


Our dwindling paddock trees are important roosting sites for bats and a study in NE Victoria caught 29 individual bats of 7 different species around 1 big paddock tree in one night! (Lumsden and Bennett 1993)


Holbrook Landcare is hosting “Bats on the Billabong” on Thursday 14 April from 6pm at “Fellow Hills” Morven where you can come and hear all about bats and their role in the ecosystem. Dr. Helen Waudby from Murray Local Land Services has worked extensively in small mammal research throughout her career and will be showing us how researchers catch Microbats to study the species and numbers. We will also be doing some spotlighting of bats and other nocturnal creatures of the Billabong Creek. Bring along the kids for this great holiday activity!!!


To join us or find out more, RSVP to [email protected] or 0260363181 and go to the flyer on our website www.holbrooklandcare.org.au/events2 .


Thanks to the Paton family for hosting this event and it has been made possible through the Slopes2Summit Bushlinks project, funded through the Australian Government.

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