Prograze 2016 – Expressions of Interest


Prograze 2016 – Expressions of Interest

Are you interested in attending Prograze training this year? We need 2-3 more farms to register their interest in the course for it to proceed, possibly beginning in April. To register please contact the HLN office, E: [email protected] or T: 6036 3181.


PROGRAZE® can help you to:

  • Visually assess pasture quality and quantity
  • Understand how pasture quality and quantity impact on animal production
  • Assess livestock fat scores
  • Use pasture and livestock assessments to match pastures to livestock requirements
  • Use grazing management to improve the productivity and sustainability of your pastures
  • Use fodder budgeting to make the best use of pastures and fodder crops
  • Use pasture assessment to make supplementary feeding decisions
  • Use grazing management to help control worms.





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