What’s going on in your catchment?


What’s going on in your catchment?

When it is raining it is a great time to get out and look at the water moving on your farm.

The below photos are runoff from paddocks going through the same culvert – which subcatchment would you be looking at for problems?


clear watermuddy water


When there is muddy water then chances are it is carrying sediment that has eroded from further up the catchment. Excess sediment from erosion degrades our waterways and has a major impact on the aquatic environment, reducing light from penetrating the water, needed for plant growth. When the sediment settles it can potentially fill in refuge pools, leading to shallower water that evaporates quicker with less habitat for aquatic animals.

Water quality is also affected due to the eroded soil and runoff containing pollutants such as nutrients, heavy metals and microbes. These are nutrients from your paddocks running into nearby waterways.

So, what can you do about it?

  • Increase groundcover – managing groundcover effectively will protect the soil surface, slow the water down and improves the soils ability to absorb water.
  • Address erosion sites early– small erosion sites may be remediated by removing livestock, fencing off and increasing vegetation.
  • Talk to a technical expert – call the Soil Conservation Service for advise!


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