Squirrel gliders caught on camera!


Squirrel gliders caught on camera!

Squirrel gliders are a vulnerable species in the New South Wales landscape. During the Hume Highway duplication many hollow-bearing trees were removed; a key habitat for squirrel glider survival. To offset the effect of removing these trees, the RMS (then RTA) installed nestboxes in priority locations along the new highway. These were installed to encourage squirrel glider, and other native animal, activity in the area.

Holbrook Landcare just purchased a nestbox camera and we wanted to get out and trial the new toy. We were lucky enough to see possibly two squirrel gliders in one of the nestboxes, possibly with a baby.

The video is slightly dark and grainy (it was our first go using the camera) but take a look at our exciting discovery. We are perfecting our videography skills and will be back out looking for some more native animals this week.

Currently, most of these nestboxes are siuated on public land alongside the highway. Holbrook Landcare are currently getting more nestboxes built to install in the Woomargama and Mountain Creek area. If you are a landholder interested to know what is in your back paddock, please call Claire at the HLN office on (02) 6036 3181.


Pip Cotter checking a nestbox near the Hume Hwy, Woomargama

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