Holbrook Landcare invited to be part of Southern Australia Meat Research Council


Holbrook Landcare invited to be part of Southern Australia Meat Research Council

The first meeting of MLA’s re-formed Southern Australia Meat Research Council (SAMRC) committees was held last month.

Holbrook Landcare Network was invited to be a part of the Southern NSW panel as a regional extension provider and producer group representative. Other SAMRC members include sheep and grass fed beef producers, MLA, researchers, processors and agencies from across our region.

SAMRC is an opportunity for cattle and sheep producers across southern Australia to drive the future direction of industry funded research, development and extension for their area. Outcomes from the panel will inform and shape MLA investment priorities in coming years to better reflect the needs of red meat industry partners, particularly producers.

Dale and Ashley attended the meeting and were impressed with the contributions provided by all parties and the genuine collaborative approach being taken by MLA. They felt their input was valued and are very keen to engage with HLN members on local issues and take those views to the panel at future meetings.

“We were able to highlight how important it is, to not just do research, but to communicate and extend the information on to farms; also the importance of making research relevant and practical to producers in our region to increase the adoption of improved practices,” said Dale.

There are seven regional committees and Angus Hobson, CEO of the Red Meat Advisory Council of Australia and a Director of Monaro Farming Systems, chairs the Southern NSW panel.

Holbrook Landcare Network invites members and producers to talk with Dale and Ashley about local livestock production issues that you would like to see addressed in future projects in the region. Contact Dale or Ashley at the office anytime on 02 6036 3181, fill out your member survey and keep an ear out for events and activities going on in our area.

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