S2S BioBlitz & Wild Pollinator Count 2015


S2S BioBlitz & Wild Pollinator Count 2015

Nature lovers in the region are being urged to get involved in a week long quest to locate and record native insects that play an important role in pollinating the region’s flowers. Native bees, butterflies, flies, and wasps are in the spotlight to raise community awareness about their fascinating lives, and enhance appreciation of their diversity and the crucial roles they play in maintaining healthy environments and sustainable food production. The event kicks off on Sunday 15th November and concludes on Sunday 22nd November. A ‘launch’ will be happening at 2pm on Sunday 1st November at a Spring Garden Walk event at Splitters Creek.

According to Karen Retra, one of the event organisers, “the week will be a fantastic opportunity for local residents to get to know some of the thousands of native pollinator insects and the hugely important roles they play in agriculture, urban gardens, and natural ecosystems”.

There will be a series of events taking place locally and, in addition to these, we are encouraging residents anywhere to take 10 minutes to look closely at flowers in their garden, on their farm, or in the local park, to help identify and document the region’s native pollinator insects”, she said.

The program involves the following confirmed activities:

  • Macro photography workshop- Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre, Burrumbuttock – Sunday 15th November
  • Public count and guest speaker, native bee expert Dr Michael Batley, Australian Museum – Albury Botanic Gardens – Wednesday 18th November
  • Schools BioBlitz event (registered schools only)– Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre, Burrumbuttock – Thursday 19th November
  • Holbrook Pony Club Reserve – coinciding with bird survey with Sean Dooley – Thursday 19th November

The initiative is a joint collaboration of the Wild Pollinator Count and the Slopes to Summit (S2S) partnership of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER), with funding from the NSW Government’s Environmental Trust. This is the Wild Pollinator Count’s second year and the third S2S BioBlitz.

To find out more about the S2S BioBlitz & Wild Pollinator Count and how to participate visit www.wildpollinatorcount.com

soldier beetles
Lasioglossum sp.?
native bees
hover flies


All photos credit to Wild Pollinator Count (www.wildpollinatorcount.com)

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