S2S Bushlinks open for 15/16


S2S Bushlinks open for 15/16

S2S Bushlinks is open again for 2015/16

S2S Bushlinks is a revegetation project managed by Holbrook Landcare Network on behalf of the Slopes2Summit and Great Eastern Ranges Initiative, in partnership with Murray Local Land Services. The project is funded by the Australian Government until June 2017. The project provides on-ground incentives for farmers undertaking revegetation for habitat connectivity and carbon sequestration in the eastern Murray, prioritising projects that connect up vegetation patches with existing vegetation, revegetation on farms.

Over the past 2 years we have over 800ha of revegetation and restoration across the catchment. Over $800,000 has gone out to landholders in incentives, with landholder putting in nearly a $1million of their own time and money in cost sharing arrangements. There is around $300,000 to be allocated this year.

The guidelines are similar to the last few years and can be accessed here.

Talk to Kylie Durant or Claire Hockley at Holbrook Landcare to see if your project might be eligible. We have a pile of expressions of interest that we are working though, so if you have already contacted us, we will be in contact shortly.

Applications for 15/16 projects to be in by 13 November 2015. Fencing is to be completed by 30 June 2016, and revegetation by 30 September 2016

Bushlinks progress map june 2015


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