Spotlight on Biosecurity


Spotlight on Biosecurity

Biosecurity is the government, industry and the people of NSW working together to protect the economy, environment and community from the negative impacts of animal and plant pests, disease and weeds. With the ease of transport and movement these days, keeping exotic pests and diseases at bay is becoming more difficult. NSW DPI maintains a Biosecurity unit to assist with a co-ordinated response to the incursion of exotics. They do not deal with already established pests and diseases but maintain a hotline for the reporting of anything unusual. These areFarm-Biosecurity-sign

  • Exotic Plant Pest Hotline: 1800 084 881
  • Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline: 1800 675 888

Early detection of pests and diseases gives you the best chance of preventing anything from establishing on your property. Good farm biosecurity includes

  • monitoring and recording farm inputs and outputs,
  • monitoring and recording  the movement of people, vehicles and equipment,
  • good on-farm hygiene, including the control of ferals and weeds,
  • staff training, planning and recording.

If good records are kept it helps the authorities to deal with any outbreak more quickly and ultimately successfully. HLN is in the process of organising some farm gate Biosecurity signs for members as shown.

Further information is available on the DPI website under Biosecurity NSW.

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